Simple and fast electronic
document creation process
eSignon makes it fast and easy to use the electronic contract system
by converting existing paper forms into electronic forms.

Create document

Reload the paper format you used previously.

Form design

Design form on the reloaded electronic document.

Save form

Save the defined input fields and form on the server.

Business process

Request a signature based on the approval process.

Save/Use document

Completed documents are stored on the server and can be used anytime, anywhere.

Features of eSignon
Product features
Provide differentiated core technologies compared to competitors.


  • Minimize work on multi OS and browsers
  • Easy issue tracking with server transaction management



  • Prevent files from being downloaded to the device
  • Ensure safety through in-memory data processing
  • Symmetric data encryption



  • Provide fast speed through XML
  • Secure stability through server processing

Various OS support
eSignon is implemented as One Source Multi Use (OSMU) method
and can be used in the various OS.
eSignon works in simple steps, making it easy for anyone to use.
(e.g. Merchant agreement, annual contract, etc.)
eSignon works in simple steps, making it easy for anyone to use.
(e.g. Franchise, Rental, etc.)
eSignon works in simple steps, making it easy for anyone to use.
(e.g. Real estate, inter-personal transactions, etc.)
Form design
It supports radio boxes, check boxes, text boxes, signature boxes, image boxes, combo boxes, label boxes, etc., so that electronic forms can be easily designed on existing electronic documents.
Workflow management
The workflow features allows you to freely design and monitor business processes.
Conditional workflow
The workflow process proceeds according to the conditions you specify.
Bulk sending
Used when a document needs to sign multiful people. (e.g. Survey)
Process design

Process design

Authority management

Authority management

Process monitoring

Process monitoring

Communicate in real time without using a separate messenger.
Document management
Easily manage electronic forms and contracted documents using Public / My folders.
If you want to use the on-premise version,
you can use