Article 1 (Purpose)
JC1 Corporation (the “Company”) regards personal information of our customers as important and puts its best efforts in complying with privacy protection provisions of applicable laws and regulations to be complied with by info-communication service providers including the ‘Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Use and Protection of Information’, the ‘Privacy Protection Act’, the ‘Communications Privacy Act’, the ‘Telecommunications Business Act’ and protecting the rights and interests of users by making its privacy protection policy in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Article 2 (Collection of Member information)
2.1 If a person desires to join membership and use the service, such person shall provide the following information and the Company may collect other information depending on the circumstances:
– While joining membership: company name, name, email, password and contact
– While making payment: name of credit card company, credit card number, name of bank, account number, name of depositor, and resident registration number (Difference in information to be collected depending on method of payment)
– Details to be collected for improvement of other services: service use records, access log, cookie, access IP information
– Method of collection of personal information: membership, service payment and event
2.2 Any member may use only when he or she provides information of him/herself. Any member who steals information of others or fails to register genuine information of him/her including registration of false information shall not claim any right to the use of service and may be punished under applicable laws and regulations
2.3 Company may collect the information of photos and PDF files which are attached by the members while using the service.

Article 3 (Purpose of Use of Member Information)
Company may utilize the member information collected for the following purposes:
3.1 Calculation of charges for performance of service provision contract and provision of services
3.2 Identification for service use and prevention of wrongful use of bad members
3.3 Materials for dispute mediation in case of occurrence of dispute
3.4 Development of new services, and delivery of inquiries, complaints and public notice
3.5 Provision of alarming service including transmission of messages among the members
3.6 Record of service use, access frequency and statistical data
3.7 Utilization for construction of service environment, provision of customized services and service improvement
3.8 Carrying out events and shipment of goods

Article 4 (Period of Retention and Use of Member Information)
The Company destructs members’ Personal Information immediately after the purpose of its collection and use are achieved without delay: Provided that the following information will be retained for certain period as described below for the reasons as follows:

4.1 Items of retention: Wrongful use record
-Reason for retention: prevention of wrongful use
-Retention period: 5 years
4.2 Items of retention: Record of execution and withdrawal of contract
-Reason of retention: the Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions
-Retention period: 5 years
4.3 Items of retention: Record of payment and supply of goods:
-Reason of retention: the Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions
Retention period: 5 years
4.4 Items of retention: Record of treatment of consumer complaint or disputes
-Reason of retention: the Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions
-Retention period: 3 years
4.5 Items of retention: Record of website visit
-Reason of retention: Communication Privacy Act
– Retention period: 3 months
4.6 Items of retention: records on electronic financial transactions
-Reason for retention: the Electronic Financial Transactions Act
-Retention period: 5 years

Article 5 (Protection of Member Information)
The Company takes measures necessary for securing security and stability in order to make sure that the Member Information collected will not be lost, stolen or altered.
5.1 Company designates a person in charge of managing Member Information and provides privacy protection education on a regular basis.
5.2 In order to prevent the leakage or damage of information by external hacking or virus, such person installs security programs, conducts monitoring and blocks such hacking or virus on a regular basis.
5.3 The Company does not divulge, disclose or distribute any Member Information acquired related to the service to a 3rd party without prior consent of members.
5.4 The Company retains the information provided by the members and immediately destructs in accordance with applicable laws and regulations upon withdrawal of membership.

Article 6 (Provision of Member Information)
The Company does not disclose any Member Information to outside, in principle: Provided that, if the case falls any of the followings, this shall not apply:
6.1when members give prior consent to such disclosure
6.2 when such disclosure is required by applicable laws, regulations or required by investigation agencies in accordance with the procedure and method as prescribed in laws and regulations for the purpose of investigation
6.3 when the Personal Information is necessary for performing the contract for provision of service and it is strikingly difficult to obtain ordinary consent for economic/technical reasons

Article 7 (Rights of Members)
Any member may make an inquiry on or correct its own information registered, or withdraws membership at any time

Article 8 (Public Notice from Modification of Policy)
Upon amendment in details of privacy protection policy for the reason of changes in laws, regulations or technology, the Company will inform through public notice and e-mail at least seven days prior thereto.

Article 9 (Civil Service on Personal Information)
The Company designates the following departments and person responsible for managing Personal Information in order to protect Personal Information of customers and handle the complaints related to the Personal Information:

Person responsible for personal information management
– Name: Gwangsik Joo
– Department: Product Development Team
– Position: Director
– E-mail:

For more report and consultation of personal information infringement, please contact the following agencies:
– Report Center of Personal Data Infringement ( (without a telephone exchange number) 118)
– Cyber Crime Investigation Team of the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office ( 82-2-3480-3571)
– Cyber Security Service of the National Police Agency ( (without a telephone exchange number) 182)