Terms of Service page of eSignon signature online

Chapter 1. General Provision

Article 1 (Purpose)
The purpose of this Users Agreement (the “Agreement”) is to set forth the terms, conditions and procedure of use of eSignon (http://esginon.net, hereinafter, the “Service”) operated by JC1 Corporation (the “Company”) and other necessary matters.

Article 2 (Definitions)
As used in this Agreement, the following terms shall have the following meanings:
2.1 “Member” means an individual who has entered basic Member Information, has entered into service use agreement with the Company and has been issued an ID.
2.2 “ID” means a combination of letters and numbers to be selected by Member and approved by the Company for member identification and Service use of Member
2.3 “Password” means a combination of letters and numbers to be selected by Member in order to protect their secrets in internet communication
2.4 “Termination” means termination of use agreement by the Company or Member
2.5 “Discount Price” means that the amount that the Company will bear the part or the whole of the service charge that the customer should bear in normal service charge, and it means to reduce the amount that the customer will bear.

Article 3 (Public Announcement, Effect and Amendment of Agreement)
3.1 The Company uploads and makes a public notice of the contents of this Agreement on the page of membership and may modify this Agreement for the reason of changes in circumstances and important managerial causes. The Company makes public notice of such modified agreement through notice
3.2 This Agreement and modified agreement for the reason of Company circumstances shall come into effect by making public notice to the users.

Article 4 (Compliance)
If any matter which is not expressly set forth herein is prescribed in applicable laws and regulations including, but not limited to, the ‘Framework Act on Telecommunications’, the ‘Telecommunications Business Act’, the ‘Information and Communication Promotion Act, the ‘Act on Consumer Protection in E-commerce’, the ‘Regulation of Standardized Contract Act’, the ‘Framework Act on Electronic Commerce’, the ‘Digital Signature Act’, the ‘Act on Promotion of Use of Information and Communication’, and ‘Consumer Protection Act’, such laws and regulations shall be complied with.

Chapter 2. Service Use Agreement

Article 5(Application for Use)
5.1 An application for use may be filed if an applicant consents this Agreement and Privacy Protection Policy, goes through registration procedure (including preparation of membership application form in a certain form), and push the ‘confirmation’ button in the guides on membership page.
5.2 Applicants for use shall use real name and actual information without fail and may file one application for one birth date.
5.3 Any user who has not used his or her real name or actual information is not entitled to take legal protection and may be limited in using Service.

Article 6(Acceptance of Service Use Application)
6.1 Except for the cases as set forth in the following Paragraphs 6.2 and 6.3, the Company will accept Service use applications filed by applicants as set forth in Clause 5 hereof
6.2 If a case falls under any of the followings, the Company may suspend the acceptance of service use application until the cause of thereof will disappear:
A. When there is no room for equipments required for Service;
B. When there are technical difficulties; or
C. When it is considered as necessary for the circumstances of Company.
6.3 If a case falls under any of the followings, the Company may not accept service use application:
A. When such application is filed by using the name of others
B. When such application is filed by entering false information of users
C. When such application is filed for the purpose of hindering social order or public morals; or
D. When the requirements of such application designated by Company are not fully satisfied.

Chapter 3. Obligations of Parties

Article 7 (Obligations of Company)
7.1 The Company is obliged to provide continuous and stable Services hereunder
7.2 If any opinion or complaint of Users is considered as justifiable, the Company shall immediately handle it : Provided that, if it is difficult to handle it immediately, the Company shall inform to the Users through public notice or e-mail.
7.3 The obligations as set forth in the foregoing Paragraph 7.1 shall not apply to the cases where: the Company is requested by competent agencies and the Korea Internet Safety Commission for the purpose of investigation; an warrant is presented ;or as prescribed in applicable laws and regulations

Article 8 (Obligations of Users)

8.1 Users shall comply with provisions of this Agreement and matters publicly announced or noticed by Company such as site use guidelines and shall not commit any act interfering with the business of Company
8.2 Users shall not commit any profit-seeking activities by using this site without prior consent of Company.
8.3 Users shall not use in a way of reproduction, copy, modification, translation, publication, broadcasting and other means or provide to a 3rd party any information acquired through this site without prior consent of the Company.

Chapter 4. Provision and Use of Services

Article 9 (Use of Service)
9.1 Users use this site by complying with the matters as set forth herein.
9.2 Any matter on use of Service which is not expressly set forth herein shall be determined by the Company and posted in ‘public notice’ or as separately noticed.

Article 10 (Provision of Information)
The Company may provide Member with the various information as recognized as necessary for the Member to use Service by e-mail or mail

Article 11 (Posting of Advertisement)
11.1The Company may post an advertisement related to the operation of Service in the service page, homepage and e-mail
11.2 The Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of the participation in sales promotion activities of advertiser, communication or transactions of Member posted in this site.

Article 12 (Restriction on Service Use)
If a user’s use and act falls under any of the following, the Company may restrict on the use of such user:
12.1 when the user’s use and act are harmful to good public morals or social order;
12.2 when the user’s use and act are objectively considered to either be committed for the purpose of criminal act or be related to other criminal acts;
12.3 when the user’s use and act damage the reputation of others or strikingly disturb the service use of others;
12.4 when the user continues to transmit any content or advertising information in contrast to the intent of others;
12.5 when the user’s use and act disturb sound operation of Service including hacking and spread of computer virus;
12.6 when the user’s use and act either infringe on a 3rd party’s intellectual property right or are considered that a 3rd party may allege such infringement;
12.7 when the user steals ID and password of others;
12.8 when the user’s use and act are contrary to applicable laws and regulations and considered by the Company as inappropriate as user

Article 13 (Suspension of Provision of Service)
If the case falls under any of the followings, the Company may suspend the entire or part of the Service may be suspended:
13.1 when key telecommunications business operator or internet network service provider as prescribed in the Telecommunication Service Act suspends their services;
13.2 when the provision of Service is impossible for the reason of blackout;
13.3 when suspension of the entire or part of the Service is unavoidable for the reason of movement, repair or construction of equipments;
13.4 when ordinary provision of Service is difficult for the reason of failure of Service equipment or flood of Service use; or
13.5 when war, incident, act of God or national emergency equivalent thereto occurs or there is a concern there about

Article 14 (Management of Posts)
14.1 In order to settle sound communication culture and operate efficient site, the Company may delete, move materials, reject to register any data posted or provided by the user to the extent that such data falls under those as set forth in Clause 12 hereof.
14.2 The period of retention of the posts registered by the user shall be determined by the followings:
A. Demo Service: the data of such posts will be fully deleted immediately upon the expiration of Service period
B. Official Service: the data of such posts will be fully deleted after 180 days of data preservation period after expiration of Service period

14.3 Upon the user’s withdrawal of membership prior to expiration of Service, such data will be fully deleted and will not be restored even in case of rejoining
14.4 If Service period is extended within 180 days after expiration of official Service, existing data may be used continuously

Article 15 (Responsibility for Service Use)
Unless otherwise specifically permitted in writing on which authorized employee of Company signs, the user shall not carry out any business activities selling illegal products by using the Service and, in particular, shall not illegally provide commercial S/W through hacking, advertisement for profit-making, and obscene sites. The Company shall not be responsible for any result, loss of business activities or legal action taken by competent agencies arising out of user’s violation of this Clause .

Article 16 (Provision of Beta Service)
16.1 The Company carries out the beta service for the purpose of testing prior to official provision of Service.
16.2 Beta service is not an official Service and the data posted in such service may be corrected or deleted, if necessary.
16.3 Any data in such beta service will not be restored
16.4 Beta service is a service to be provided free of charge for testing and the Company shall not be liable for the damage incurred by the Member
16.5 Bata service may be suspended without notice

Chapter 5. Order and Payment for Goods

Article 17 (Method of Payment)
17.1 Member may make payment for the goods sold by the Company by using payment means including deposit without a bankbook, account transfer, and credit card. In such event, the Company does not charge any additional fee to the users under any pretext in addition to the payment for the goods.
17.2 If member plan to upgrade, member will only pay the difference between the original payment amount and the difference between the original payment amount and the upgrade amount.

Article 18 (Rules of Cancellation and Refund)
18.1 The member may request to cancel the payment (canceled payment) within 7 days from the settlement date, provided that the service was not used at all.
18.2 Even if you have not used the service paid by the member at all, refund will not be possible if you cancel the service after the expiration date of the service (within 7 days from the payment date).
18.3 The Company shall notify the member of the reason without delay if the goods requested by the member can not be delivered or provided, and if the goods have been paid in advance, the member shall be entitled to receive the money Within 5 business days from the date of refund or take necessary action for the refund.
18.4 Refund Method
A. When issuing tax invoces
 - Issuance of correction tax bill by the 10th day of the following month
 - In case of exceeding 10 days, the date of cancellation shall be issued on the date of issuance of negative tax invoice
B. When issuing cash receipts
 - Cash receipt is canceled and the refund amount is transferred to the account designated by the member within 5 business days
18.5 The service provided by the Company free of charge to the member by compensation for the event is non-refundable.

Chapter 6. Miscellaneous

Article 19 (Indemnification and Damage)
19.1 If the Service cannot be provided for the reason of act of God or other force majeure equivalent thereto, the Company shall be discharged from its obligation to provide Service
19.2 The Company shall not be responsible for any result arising out of mutual transactions among the users or between the user and a 3rd party
19.3 The Company shall not be responsible for the accuracy or credibility of the information, data and contents posted by the users in the bulletin board and the user shall be responsible for his or her use of this site.
19.4 The user shall be fully responsible for any damage or disadvantages incurred by him/her arising out of the materials posted or transmitted by the user or its selection of data or the use of Service provided free of charge
19.5 The user shall be fully responsible for the damage arising out of its careless management of ID and password, its carelessness use or wrongful use of a 3rd party.
19.6 The user shall be liable for and indemnify the Company from any damage is incurred by the Company arising out of the user’s violation of this Agreement

Article 20 (Consent to Provision and Utilization of Credit Information of Individual)
In providing to 3rd parties and utilizing the credit information of individuals acquired from joining membership, the Company shall obtain consent from the users under the provision of Article 23 of the Act on Use and Protection of Credit Information. Such consent of the user shall be deemed to be a consent that the Company may utilize the credit information of the user joining membership as data in order to determine the credit rating of the users or utilize as data for policy of public institutions by providing such information to credit information institutes or companies and other users.

Article 21 (Dispute Resolution)
21.1 Company and the user shall make their best efforts in smoothly resolving any dispute arising out of or in connection with the use of this site.
21.2 Notwithstanding the foregoing Paragraph 21.1, any suit arising out of such dispute shall be settled by the court having jurisdiction over the place where the headquarters of the Company is located.

This Agreement shall apply from the 10th of April 2018.