eSignon, an electronic contract system
that revolutionizes your business
Worried about incomplete contracts of which the scheduled contract dates are nearing?
eSignon can help you solve the problem and save your time and cost while ensuring security.
All features you want is
in eSignon
Electronic signature, Mobile app (AOS, iOS), Google Drive/Dropbox file import, word file import,
Calculation function and Access code authentication are gathered in one place.
It's time to transform
your contract
Send and sign your agreement better. Change paper document to digital,
Change in-person meeting to email and Change 3 days to 3 minutes!

General-type eSignon

Do you want to try the eSignon
right now?

Customized-type eSignon

Do you need a system customized
for your business?

Over 250,000 eSignon users in the world are
saving time and cost by more than 80%.

JC1 is a reliable company selected by over 10,000 companies
from all over the world for 17 years.

With the best electronic signature contract technology in South Korea, JC1 uses various solutions, developed by the
company’s affiliated research institute, to transform your business digitally.

17 years of history and experience

Established in 2004, we provide services to all industries both domestically and internationally through continuous research and development.

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77% are technical specialists

77% of the total workforce are technical specialists who provide the company with the best electronic signature contract technology in South Korea.

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Over 15 self-developed solutions

All solutions are self-developed, through which we provide immediate technical services to our customers.

Why eSignon?

Experience electronic contracting with eSignon!

Specialized Technology

We have developed eSignon signature technology with 16 years of experience in building an electronic
contract system.

API Service

You can link the eSignon system with your
internal IT system using the API, allowing you to
sign a contract immediately without
accessing eSignon.

On-Premise Model

You can archive the completed contract in your
own storage using a separate server.

Support of All Platforms

You can start a contract anytime anywhere using various devices.

Integrated Contract Management

As our service uses an account system,
you can manage dispersed contracts in
one place.

Bulk Sending

You can send the same template to
up to 500 people at once.
(e.g. labor contract)

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Getting Started

eSignon is a cloud e-contract solution.
Now, you can easily conduct electronic contracts anywhere in the world without building an infrastructure.
The API function enables you to link the eSignon system with your existing internal IT system.
The eSignon system can send documents (e.g. labor contracts) to up to 500 people at a time through bulk sending.

eSignon Cloud Electronic Contract Solution

Have you ever lost or damaged a paper contract?
With eSignon, you can sign contracts immediately without
using paper forms.

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